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Panther Volleyball Academy Summer Camps

PVA Summer Camp 2017 is officially open!

Panther Academy is designed to cater to both the experienced player looking to play at the next level and to the beginner who is eager to learn the game. We pride ourselves on focusing on the athlete and giving each camper the individual attention she deserves.

We maintain a 5 to 1 camper to coach ratio during both sessions. The coaching staff is comprised of both College coaches, current and former Greenville College Volleyball players, and top level high school and club coaches. We continue to work hard to improve our teaching methods by attending the best volleyball clinics in the nation and relaying those techniques to our staff in preparation for camp each summer.

Greenville College is nestled in a small town 50 minutes east of downtown St. Louis and our quaint campus is both safe and convenient. The Dorms, Dining commons, and Gymnasiums are all within a 100 yards of each other making transitions effortless.



Tom Ackerman
Head Volleyball Coach
Greenville College

Hosted at Greenville College
Greenville, Illinois